Lamayuru Gompa Time-Lapse

I shot this time-lapse at the Lamayuru Monastery in the Himalayas of Ladakh, India. This ancient monastery is stunning and sees less tourist traffic than some of the bigger monasteries closer to Leh. I climbed onto the roof of one of the monastery buildings to set up... read more

We Are Clouds – moving

    These are two men from two tribes in northern Kenya that have been historic enemies, the Samburu and Turkana peoples. I photographed them as part of the Enemies Project in 2011. They were working alongside each other to help conserve the Grevy’s... read more

Women of Kashmir

I have a great respect for the women of Kashmir.  Kashmir is a historically mixed society of moderate Islam, Hindu and a sprinkling of other religions. In the decades of on and off violence that has besieged this beautiful land, the women have suffered greatly. And... read more

Dear Visitor

Greetings, hello and welcome! I am an artist, and this is my blog. I am pretty random with the frequency I post on my blog. When I am traveling I often post a lot. I love sharing the process behind my work, but I often find it difficult to make time to post about my work when I am at home in the studio. When I do delve into the inner workings of my process and the thoughts behind what I am doing, here is where it happens. To see my work, go to Enjoy exploring.

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